Things that New Yorkers say






  • deadass
  • no lie
  • tell me how
  • no doubt
  • son
  • yo
  • guap
  • bird
  • grimey
  • peep this
  • tight (upset)
  • bet
  • nahmean
  • it’s brick outside
  • mad 
  • good looks
  • widdit
  • you bugging
  • come out yo face
  • yerrp
  • womp
  • fuckoutahea
  • juheard
  • you woulda thought
  • On deck
  • word 
  • b

Excuse me. I’m from New York and I sure as hell know that we do not speak like that!

cause you white

•forreal doe

deadass is houston sorry



Since I will be traveling for the next few days, I felt like recording a little Islamic “pep talk” touching upon the story of Yunus (Jonah) and how we need to be more aware of the power of God, and how that awareness must translate into greater patience with other people, with the difficulties we face, and in staying on the path of Islam rather than allowing the trials of people and difficulties to be an excuse for us to stray from The Straight Path.

I recorded it at 3am while packing, so excuse me if it’s all over the place.